“Permitted”¬†A new play, by Kirya Traber

gladys in suit

1948, Gladys Bentley, a once (in)famous Harlem renaissance performer known for breaking the rules
for gender and sexuality, finds herself at a crossroads. When her performance permit is denied,
she is threatened with professional ruin, and possibly prison time if she doesn’t
“change her act” as an artist, and as a proud gender rebel.


Staged reading November 13th, Submerge 2016: will you?

BAX|Brooklyn Arts Exchange

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(Photo credit: Lippe)

Directed by Nia Witherspoon


Pernell Walker– Gladys Bentley

Alfie Fuller– Erica Hollins

Rosalyn Temple– Sophia Bentley

Michael Axtell– Mr Barker/Famous White Actor/Chorus

Starr Kirkland– Narrator/Chorus

Jarvis Griggs– Chorus